Weekly Announcements for 5/7 & 5/10 - Community Tables!

Hi friends,

1/2 of our two gatherings this week have a special theme - but both gatherings are special and important.

West Park Prayer to Action - Savor the Moment - 6:30 - 7:30 pm on Tuesday 5/7:

Over in West Park the Pantelemons are hosting a prayer time for anybody who wants to pray that the blessings of God's kingdom would be evident in West Park.  It takes place at the coffee shop (Savor the Moment on Rocky River Drive). There WILL be prayer, there MIGHT be coffee. I may not live in West Park, but I’m fond of that place (and the people who own it).  The prepositional phrase “to Action” means that they expect God to answer their prayers. And he does, he has, and he will.

International Food Night Belated Cinco de Mayo Edition - Rocky River - Buehrle home (19781 Riverview Ave, Rocky River) - 6 pm on Friday 5/10:

Bring a Mexican variety main or a side or a beverage or a dessert and/or a friend (your friends are our friends). If you’re feeling rebellious, bring something that isn’t related to the Cinco de Mayo party theme. Please RSVP by noon on Friday if you can so we’ll get a general head count to mattburly@gmail.com. This is for neighbors and friends who we consider neighbors for purposes of getting them a spot at the table.

Also, on Friday evening and Sunday morning, we prayed for the ministry of Safe Families for Children. To donate on a regular basis or as a one time gift, please go here.