Weekly Announcement - 4/16 (Tuesday); 4/19 (Good Friday); and 4/21 (Easter Sunday)

Hi friends -

Lent is coming to a close and resurrection season begins on Sunday. If you’re actively observing Lent, I hope you don’t rush through this week.

West Park Prayer to Action - Savor the Moment - 6:30 - 7:30 pm on Tuesday 4/16:
Over in West Park the Pantelemons are hosting a prayer time for anybody who wants to pray that the blessings of God's kingdom would be evident in West Park.  It takes place at the coffee shop (Savor the Moment on Rocky River Drive). There WILL be prayer, there MIGHT be coffee. I may not live in West Park, but I’m fond of that place (and the people who own it).  The prepositional phrase “to Action” means that they expect God to answer their prayers. And he does, he has, and he will. I’m not talking about spectacular things [necessarily]. I’m talking about sometimes being the answer to our own prayers.

Good Friday Service - Savor the Moment - 7:00 - 7:45 pm on Friday 4/19:
Again in West Park we are having an “uplugged” (guitar, Scripture reading, prayer) good Friday service. It will be a solemn and hopefully meaningful time for all. We’ll be setting up the chairs and tables in the shop to have our service. Because it’s a solemn and at times silent time, we will welcome all children who are able to participate.  It takes place at the coffee shop (Savor the Moment on Rocky River Drive).

This is in place of our Family Table gatherings.

Easter Sunday Lord’s Table - Lakewood - Hayes Elementary School (16401 Deleware Ave., Lakewood, OH - parking in the lot off of Olive Ave. coming from the North) - 10:30 am to 11:45 am on Sunday, 4/:21:

We don’t have a huge crowd at this gathering, but some have described the feel of our service as highly participatory, simple, and meaningful. Participatory, because it doesn’t feel like a performance - everyone “plays” without being singled out in doing so. Though we still consider this “preseason” or “soft open” church, real church community and worship happens in this space. Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors. Some of you all have said you’d like to help with set-up. We will be able to get into the school around 9 am. Anyone who would like to volunteer their elbow grease, please show up.

Finally, there will be an Easter brunch at 12:30 pm at the Buehrle home (19781 Riverview Ave., Rocky River, OH) following the service. If I know my wife (and I’m pretty sure I do) there will be something fun for kids. Probably not a helicopter hovering over our house dropping eggs, but something fun nevertheless.

For future events, please go to our “Calendar of Events” page.

Matt Buehrle