Weekly Announcements 3/6 to 3/10

Hi friends -

We had our first “Table preseason” (as it relates to Sunday mornings in a public space) at Hayes Elementary School on Sunday. Again, Lord’s Table is where all our Tables come together to encounter God, share what God is at work doing at our Tables, and celebrate God making all things new - even us. For FAQ’s on the Lord’s Table, please click here. I enjoyed the gathering with Luke leading us in Scripture reading, Steven proclaiming the gospel, Josh leading us on his guitar to worship God, and me for making people stand too long because I forgot to say, “you may be seated” … a few times. The kids liked the novelty of it. Come on out next time and see what’s happening.

A wrinkle in the first gathering was the fact that Laurie was going to lead our Kids Table. We kept the kids in the service. Laurie was up all night with Jim (who is stable now) who decided to go to the ER on Saturday night at 11 pm! I saw him last night and he was in as good of spirits as one can be for not having slept since 4 am on Saturday morning! So, please be praying that he’ll get good rest. And for Laurie, too. That being said, they will not have their Prayer to Action at Savor the Moment on Tuesday. Also, our joint Ash Wednesday service will be at our house instead of Savor the Moment.

Ash Wednesday - Rocky River - Buehrle home (19781 Riverview Ave, Rocky River) - 7 pm on Wednesday 3/6:

We will be having a short service at our home to receive a cross of ashes on our foreheads to include prayers, confession, and song with guitar (thanks, Josh). Some great resources in preparation for Lent can be found over at the website of our friends - Liturgical Folk. Also, our friend in the neighborhood, Maureen has invited us to join her at a Lent event(s) next week. More details to come.

International DESSERT Night- Rocky River - Buehrle home (19781 Riverview Ave, Rocky River) - 8 pm on Friday 3/8:

Because two of our boys are in a play at the middle school (across the street from our house) - Pirates 2 at 7 pm, we will delay our International Food Night and turn it into an International DESSERT Night at 8 pm. Feel free to bring an International beverage and/or a small International dessert. If you want to join us for the show, feel free to come to the show at 7 pm, but come early so you can get a seat.

Renew Communities announces Table Communities as a church - Three services at Renew Communities in Berea via video on Sunday 3/10:

It’s Andy Sikora (one of the pastors) interviewing me in the video. If you have participated in Table and want to show up to answer any questions people may have alongside me, feel free to do so. I’ll be there at the end of the first service, throughout the second service, and until “social break” in the third service.

Also, short notice, but this event tonight at Scranton Road Bible Church through Building Hope looks to be very helpful. Naomi will be there. Don’t worry about registering if you want to go tonight. They can handle you being there.

Have a great week, y’all. Hope to see some of y’all soon.

Matt Buehrle