Weekly Announcements - Tuesday 2/5 to Saturday 2/9

Hi friends -

We have a minor shift in the action this week. West Park Prayer tomorrow night is the same (see below), but International Food Night is going to be International Dessert Night Saturday instead of Friday (again, see below).

West Park Prayer - Savor the Moment - 6:30 - 7:30 pm on Tuesday 2/5:
Over in West Park the Pantelemons are hosting a prayer time for anybody who wants to pray that the blessings of God's kingdom would be evident in West Park.  It takes place at the coffee shop (Savor the Moment on Rocky River Drive). There WILL be prayer, there MIGHT be coffee. I might even show up this time ;) …

International Dessert Night with International Friends - Buehrle Home - 7 pm on Saturday 2/9:

There’s a group called International Friends that we’ve done things with in the past. They are having a progressive dinner for International students this Saturday night. We are on the route for dessert and games. Please come and bring yourself and a dessert - or just yourself if I discover that we’re going to be overloaded with desserts! Please RSVP by noon on Saturday so that we can get a head count, but more importantly a dessert count to mattburly@gmail.com. Also, of high importance, we will not have any alcohol, as we a.) do not want to offend any who are Muslim in faith who may abstain, and b.) that is the request of International Friends, so since we’re doing this in tandem with them, we want to honor that request. But we’ll have regular and decaf coffee, of course! Also, please note that Naomi’s parents cats will be in the house. They’ll be in the basement, but in case you have a severe allergy - we wanted you to know!

Also, we are on the verge of signing a contract with Hayes Elementary School in Lakewood to use their cafeteria for Sunday Lord’s Table gatherings on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month starting in March. Be thinking about ways you may want to help join us in that transition, as we will need elbow grease for moving stuff around, some money to make it happen, and most importantly, your presence at these gatherings. I have always said that our Family Table and Community Table (i.e. International Food Night) are central to what we do - and Lord’s Table gives us the opportunity to connect with the Tables in the other neighborhoods. So, stay tuned for more info. on the move toward Table Communities having a public face in the community.


Matt Buehrle

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P.S. Our (mine and Naomi’s) friends, Ryan and Melissa have a new album out in advance of Lent and you can find it here. I don’t mind promoting their album, because it’s fits into our value of “Forming Worship.” And because they put out good stuff.