Clearing a path for finding Jesus and being in the presence of God is the number one priority at the Table. We are dedicated to removing any barriers that keep us and our friends from experiencing the mercy, grace, and love of Jesus.


The gathered church is defined for us as God’s family on mission together. Every family member has a place at the table and every family member has a role to play as part of the family. We deeply believe that God made us to reflect what God is like by showing his love to each other and to others. What does God looks like? Jesus. There’s more than enough room at our tables for those who want to explore what it looks like to be considered part of God’s family.



We tend to reflect what we worship. In other words, we are deeply formed by the people, things, and ideas that demand our time and attention – for better and for worse. We desire to be shaped by the God who created us. For that reason, we are dedicated to adding practices to our Table gatherings and our personal lives that will deliberately form us into an extended family that looks and acts and is more like Jesus as he is portrayed in the Bible. Worship is intended to honor Jesus and it is our conviction that worship also benefits us as we read, wait, pray, sing, and serve. We become what we worship and we want that to be a good thing.  That’s why we’re deliberate about the liturgy (worship materials, prayers, songs and service opportunities) we select and create for individuals to use and for our group gatherings. As we are formed by our worship, we anticipate that God will form us into a people who worship out of a place of waiting in a frantic world that refuses to pause.


As we set our tables to taste delicious food and beverages, we expect that together we’ll also taste and see that Jesus is good as we encounter compassionate eyes, listening ears, and loving hearts in one another.  When one table gets full, we gladly set up another table in our neighborhoods so that others can pull up a chair and discover that Jesus is good. Tables can be found not only in our homes, but in the nearby places where we live, work, and play.  We embrace the simplicity of table as the image through which Jesus’ mission is advanced through this network of tables and trust that many innovative ideas will be birthed if we do some godly conspiring together around the table.