The following are three primary ways that you can support the mission of Table Communities:

  1. Prayer - Asking God to do his work of bringing justice, peace, and joy to the neighborhoods where Table has gatherings. 

  2. Participation - Joining us at one of our gatherings.  Your presence with us will help shape who we are becoming, as we believe that the greatest resource of Jesus’ church is the people he brings to us.

  3. Donation - If you consider Table Communities your extended family and home, you can make tax deductible contributions through our mother church, Renew Communities.  Be sure to click down to “Table” as the designation. Simply click the button below. Anyone else is, of course welcome to financially contribute to extend the work of the Table into new neighborhoods of Cleveland, Lakewood, and Rocky River.

    Budget from January through February (as of 2/26/2019): $5,000.00

    Expenses from January through February: $517.00

    2019 donations to date (including from Renew Communities): $3,100.50

    2019 budget (January to December 2019): $30,000.00

Please review the budget page here in order to review the stewardship of Table resources. You can also donate to Table by sending a check to Renew Communities with “Table” in the memo line at:

Renew Communities, P.O. Box 104, Berea, OH 44017