family table

A simple lesson for children and a formative prayer time are bookended by food and beverage in a distinct neighborhood twice a month.  Our first Family Tables are in Rocky River and West Park. This is where family gets extended and all are invited to get a little taste and sight of Jesus – who is good - while enjoying food and beverages together. This is for those who have gathered in church settings often and for those who Jesus misses the most.  Some of those who gather in a neighborhood as Family Table will go on to explore their own talents, gifts, and callings in smaller settings to discover the ways God wants them to join him in the work of Jesus’s kingdom.

Family Table - West Park - Destiny & Steve Hisey - (currently on 1st and 3rd Fridays at 6pm, but email for confirmation)

Family Table - Rocky River - Naomi & Matt Buehrle - (currently on 1st and 3rd Fridays at 6pm, but email for confirmation)

Prayer Meeting for West Park - Laurie & Jim Pantelemon - (currently on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm, but email for confirmation)

community table

These are an extension of the Family Table in each neighborhood.  These are the most informal of the Tables, as neighbors and friends are simply invited together to share a meal or a beverage in the neighborhood.  As relationships between the friends and neighbors develop, the Community Table will often extend into other spaces and places where we can serve and learn from people who are in need.

International Food Night - Rocky River - Naomi and Matt Buehrle - - (currently on 2nd Friday at 6pm, but email for confirmation)

Lord’s Table

This is our Sunday church gathering.  It’s a twice monthly (1st and 3rd Sundays in a location and time TBD) time for guided interactive teaching, prayers, testimonies, and songs with the Lord’s Table at the center of it all.  The Lord’s Table fundamentally reflects an invitation into a reconciled relationship with God and communion with himthrough Jesus. The Lord’s Table is the place where we are together invited into God’s presence.  At these gatherings, we pray and anticipate the reconciliation that happens at the Lord’s Table will extend into our neighborhoods through our Family Table and Community Table gatherings. We only meet twice a month for the Lord’s Table gathering to prioritize our other Table gatherings as just as integral to what God is doing in his church through us. For FAQ’s regarding this gathering, go here. (insert link later) Email for details.